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Representatives (delegates) of several European countries were assembled in a meeting about Climate Change under the chairmanship of the provincial authorities of the Province of Overijsel The Netherlands.


Last year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its Fourth Assessment Report (AR4). The IPCC-report gives us a view of a world which is completely different of the world we know today. Due to the past en present emissions of greenhouse gases the climate in the 21st century will gradually become warmer. That will have an increasingly impact on our environment and our societies. How much warmer it will become is still uncertain and will be largely dependent on our actions in the following decades. So the IPCC-report makes clear that, as mankind, we will have a choice which future world we and our children will liven in…,” (in her view)/ according to,  Lenie Dwarshuis, regional minister of water, Province of South Holland.

With 6 booths everything concerning the translation was taken care of down to the last detail by Caisson.